Gotham Refining Chemical Corp.
Gotham Refining Chemical Corp.

Our Business

We have been manufacturing chemists for over 50 years, serving the fields of heating, cooling, well and domestic water treatments.

Our laboratory is staffed with chemical engineers who have had at least 10 years experience in the water treatment field. Our chief chemist is a graduate of City University of New York, New York, N.Y., with a degree in Chemical Engineering. Our laboratory is equipped to analyze water in accordance with the latest edition of "Standard Methods for the examination of Water and Waste Matter", published by the American Public Health Association.

Gotham Refining Chemical Corporation is a major supplier of Water Treatment Chemicals and related engineering and chemical consulting back-up. Gotham has been in business for over forty years and been successful in marketing chemicals for the treatment of cooling towers, boilers, fuel oil, potable water and process water systems. We have a complete line of non-polluting corrosion inhibitors, microbiocides, scale inhibitors, closed system treatments, dispersants and polymers for water treatment clarification.

The great majority of products available through Gotham are propriety. Gotham has the unique ability to custom blend products for specific customer needs. Gotham additionally has complete laboratory and engineering support available along with in-field technical back-up and planned seminar discussion. Laboratory testing of all pertinent water samples are routinely conducted and a written report submitted to plant personnel as confirmation of in-field tests. Further laboratory testing of corrosion specimens, deposits and microbiological samples and the in-plant inspections of water systems is only part of the processional service supplied by us.

Gotham is large enough to effectively meet the demands of any technical water treatment problem, yet small enough to give the personal care necessary to meet the individuals needs of each of our customers. We pride ourselves in state-of-the-art chemical formulations and treatment programs but our personal interest in our customers may be our most important asset.

A water treatment program is only as good as the chemical control being maintained. Therefore, it is Gotham's belief that supportive, in-plant and laboratory back-up is essential in any successful water management system.

As part of our Service and Water Treatment Program the following will be included.


1. The Water Treatment Contractor will visit the building at least once per month in order to conduct field tests, collect samples for laboratory analysis, maintain and adjust the chemical feeding equipment.

2. A report will be submitted after every service call and laboratory test detailing the test results, action taken and any further recommendations.

3. The above services will relieve the operating and mechanical staff of all responsibility for handling of chemicals, the making of any chemical tests, or any adjustments to the water treatment equipment.

4. Complete chemical control of the treatment will be included.

Some buildings presently servicing

UN International School
Ulster County Community College          
SUNY Downstate Medical Ctr.

NYC Housing Authority

Orange County

GSA Contract #GS-07F-0411Y

Insignia Management   
Charles Greenthal Management
NYC Public Schools              

Ulster County


Deepdale Gardens


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