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The GO-TRAK system works proactively to prevent the formation of scale, corrosion, and equipment fouling or malfunction before it occurs. - A fluorescent particle tagged to water treatment chemicals allows the system to continuously monitor and adjust chemical consumption for optimal use, reducing overall chemical use and preventing system fouling. Most industrial production processes need cooling water for efficient, proper operation. - Refineries, steel mills, petrochemical plants, manufacturing facilities, food plants, large buildings, chemical processing plants, and electric utilities all rely on the cooling water system to do its job. - Cooling water systems control temperatures and pressures by transferring heat from hot process fluids into the cooling water, which carries the heat away. - As this happens, the cooling water heats up and must be either cooled before it can be used again or replaced with fresh makeup water. - The total value of the production process will be sustained only if the cooling system can maintain the proper process temperature and pressure. - The cooling system design, effectiveness and efficiency depends on the type of process being cooled, the characteristics of the water and environmental considerations.