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Gotham Refining Chemical is now representing a company that sells copper/silver ionization to combat against Legionaires Disease in Domestic Water Systems.


Please contact us to arrange a risk accessment by our in-house environmentist.

Facts on Legionella bacteria, cause of Legionnaires' disease
The Links Between Legionella Bacteria and Domestic Hot Water Systems that causes Legionnaires' disease.

legionella bacteriaThe necessary conditions for the proliferation of the disease are created when the bacteria is in the presence of warm water systems between 20°- 45°C found in hospitals, hotels and other large buildings with complex water distribution systems and cooling towers. Once the water system is contaminated, through tiny airborne drops of water (aerosols), Legionella bacteria penetrates into our lungs and infect us.

Found in water
Legionella bacteria occurs naturally in lakes, watercourses and subsoil water. There they do not constitute a hazard to people. However, in unsuitably designed water systems they may multiply rapidly and thus become a health risk.

Domestic Hot water
By taking advantage of the knowledge of how water and heating installations ought to be designed, the growth of Legionella bacteria can be prevented. Our copper silver ionisation units are placed before your storage tanks or instant heat exchange units. This is the best location for installation to minimize contamination as it treats the water being flowed throughout the rest of your water distribution network.

Thrives between 20°- 45°C
The bacterium thrives in stagnant water at temperatures of about 40°C. At this temperature they can multiply quickly and reach dangerous proportions. The use of our ionisation systems controls the proliferation of the organism from the water systems in both hot water circuits and cooling towers.

Complex water systems
The bigger and more complicated a water pipe system is, the greater the risk for the growth of Legionella bacteria